Opposing John Keener for Pacifica City Council - 2018

Pacifica needs to elect responsible council members versus the current extreme majority

Pacifica needs common-sense leadership

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Supporting Council Candidates that will do what is best for Pacifica and not an extreme ideology

Up until now, a small but extremely vocal minority have been dominating the dialogue during our political races, which has lead to some poor decisions and an absence of leadership. 

Community Involvement

We have a politically extreme council majority that has resulted in:

  • City funding being put in jeopardy due to Pacifica being made a sanctuary city
  • Narrowly avoided a San Francisco style rent control scheme
  • Pacifica refused millions of dollars and sent back money that could have helped improve our highway
  • Three members of our council (led by John Keener) are currently entertaining the flawed concept of "Managed Retreat"


You can assist in a variety of ways:

  • Donate to candidates that share our values
  • Volunteer to hand out flyers for these candidates
  • Walk precincts for these candidates
  • Work on phone calls to support these candidates 
  • Support our alliance with NO PACIFICA RETREAT
  • Support us with Donations


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Pacificans for Responsible Government

Pacifica, California, United States

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